Darling Associates can provide support services in many ways.   We’ve been doing this since 1984.   This is our “Day Job”.

  1. Remote Support

  2. -We can fix most computers from our place

  3. -As long as a computer or server can “see the internet”, we can take control of it remotely, and you can watch as we diagnose and fix the problem.

  4. -You’re always in control, and can terminate the session at any time.

  5. -We can continue to talk on the phone while we work

  1. Telephone Support

  2. -We can “talk you through” almost anything

  3. -From minor questions to major dilemma's, we can solve many problems on the phone

  4. -Call (413) 562-3202

  1. Email Support

  2. -Clients can email questions, screen-shots, problems, etc., and we’ll do our best to reply with guidance, and / or solutions.

  3. -Email:

  1. On-site Support

  2. -We’ll do house-calls

  3. -Sometimes geography can be the limiting factor for us to provide this method of support.   However, if it makes sense for you and us, we’ll come to you to work on your IT problems.   Lets talk about it.

If you are currently having a problem with your computer or network, please email us at, or call 413-562-3202.

We will respond as soon as possible.